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To think that some people don’t see a problem with society is disturbing

it’s not just disturbing, it’s fucking scary. 

Y’all “rape culture doesn’t exist” preachers can fuck RIGHT off

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By the time we got to this last push, everyone was leaving. Due to incoming rain and the possibility of lightning, the park ranger had urged us to turn around. Caley had no interest in turning around, nor did I. As we reached the top of Half Dome, everyone had fled and we sat alone on top of one of the most famous rocks in the world.

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Another neat little trick to create the illusion of extra weight loss. Putting your arms straight up and stretching loses about ten kilos in 5 seconds!! Who knew right??? So please don’t believe everything you see and don’t feel bad about your weight loss journey because you didn’t lose 5 kilos in a month. Because to be honest, neither did some of the people you see.

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